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21 Ways to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards in 2022

how to get free amazon gift cards online

Want to get some Free Amazon gift cards? In this article, I’ll go over how you can get free Amazon gift codes or some cash at least. Learn all the best ways to get Amazon gift cards online or just by shopping. This list will not cover every method available, just the most popular and effective ones.

I realize most of us dislike surveys and GPT websites, but the fact is that these are the most effective websites to use to get free Amazon gift cards. We have a post covering our Top Reward Websites, which I recommend you take a look at. These survey or reward websites are quite plentiful and it’s important that you do your research before going with one. Generally speaking, these will be the highest paying free way to earn cash / cards.

1. Swagbucks


Swagbucks is an extremely popular reward website with many ways to earn points(SB), which can be redeemed for cash or gift cards. You’ll be earning SwagBucks(SB) by completing surveys, watching videos, surfing the web and more. They offer quite a few unique and fun ways to break up the boredom, which most survey providers simply don’t offer. You can redeem your points for a little as $3 (300SB). They have periodic sales on their huge selection of gift cards.

2. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is another very popular and successful reward site and it’s clear to see why. They not only offer a $5 sign up bonus, but also a unique “Scratch n’ Win” game where the more you fill the progress bar the more you stand to win if you can scratch and match three values. Unfortunately, there’s quite a steep minimum withdrawal amount of $30, so keep that in mind. Either way, they you will still be able to earn just as much here as you could anywhere else.

3. PrizeRebel


PrizeRebel has been in the survey/reward game for quite some time and is still one of the best. They have quite a few ways to earn points, a good selection of gift cards and a low withdrawal minimum ($5 – 500pts). Despite the odds, they are still going strong and have always had a nice amount of active users.

4. MyPoints


MyPoints is usually talked about in articles focused on cash-back shopping sites, but they actually offer rewards for taking surveys, watching videos and more! The website looks very clean and is easy to navigate as well. It’s definitely quite a unique website and it has a very user friendly design to it.

5. InstaGC


InstaGC rewards its users when they complete simple tasks such as surveys, watching videos, shopping and more. They also have the lowers minimum withdrawal amount at $1 (100pts). They even defend their namesake by claiming to deliver your code faster than any other competitor. It’s a wonderful website to use and get some free Amazon gift codes from, provided you have some free time.

Shopping Sites & Apps

Cash back on all or most of your purchases, both online and in stores, can add up very quickly. Most of these services do offer gift card reward options or cold hard cash. Please check out our Best Cash Back Websites & Apps.

6. Ebates


Rakuten (Ebates) is a popular cash-back website that pays users whenever they purchase from any supported online store. They also handle the checkout side by applying any available coupon codes before you finalize your orders. They even have a browser extension that will alert you if a product can be found on another site for a lower price. Your mileage will vary when it comes to these shopping cash-back websites, so pick the one that you think will suite your needs the best.

7. Mr. Rebates


Mr. Rebates offers its users great cash-back incentives and a nice $5 bonus on your first qualifying purchase if you sign up under our link. Not only that, but they also offer one of, if not the best referral program for any shopping site out there. It’s an adequate cash-back website that does what it sets out too and tries to keep its users entertained and feeling rewarded.

8. BeFrugal


BeFrugal guarantees the lowest cash-back of any shopping site by matching any higher cash back rate by 125%. They also have a nice selection of cash back options when you eat at select restaurants. There’s also a $10 sign up bonus. The fact that they will match other competitor’s cash-back rates is very impressive and more of these websites should follow suite.

9. TopCashBack

topcashbackTopCashBack claims to be the US’s most generous cash back site and to help prove that point, they’re offering a $10 bonus once you’ve earned ten dollars in cash back. They also have an app that will allow you to shop and save on the go. Again, it isn’t super flashy or full of features you probably won’t use. Sometimes less is more.

10. Dosh


Dosh is an extremely popular cash back app that’s doing everything right. All you have to do is link your credit / debit card and you’ll earn cash whenever you buy from select stores. This allows you to earn money without having to shop through their links/portals, unlock offers or upload receipt photos. Oh yeah, you’ll also get $5 instantly once you link your credit card! This is a great option for those of us who are particularly lazy and don’t like having to take pictures of receipts every shopping trip.

11. ExtraBux

ExtraBux also have a nice referral system and a whopping $20 bonus for new users who meet the requirements for each tier! Oh yeah, and they also offer you cash back when you shop and use their coupons, so there’s that. Extrabux has been going strong for a very long time so they must be doing something right.

12. Ibotta


Ibotta is an app that not only offers cash back on products, but also on produce and groceries too! There are, currently, three ways to get your cash back: upload your receipt, link your store loyalty cards or to shop through their partners’ mobile apps. Oh yeah, and there’s a very nice $20 welcome bonus available to new users that complete all the required steps!

13. Honey


Honey is the web browser extension that everyone and their mothers has been talking about. Simply put, it’s a lightweight extension that you install into your web browser and it will automatically find and apply the best coupon codes at checkout. Currently Honey is supported by over 30,000 online merchants.

14. WikiBuy


WikiBuy (Capital One Shopping) is another browser extension that integrates nicely into Amazon and alerts you if it finds a desired product on another site for a lower price. This is a very nice app to install if you frequently shop on Amazon.

15. ReceiptHog


ReceiptHog rewards you with cash back on all qualifying purchases that it finds once you’ve uploaded a picture of your receipt. Just be sure the store name, transaction date / amount and all items are visible and let ReceiptHog do the rest! All eligible products give you some coins which can be redeemed for cash or a select few gift cards.

16. Credit Card Rewards

credit card img

These days, almost every credit card company has some kind of cash back program. It’s important that you do thorough research to determine which company to use before going through with it. Different cash back programs will reward you differently when you shop at specific stores, so pick the one where you shop frequently. Most of these rewards programs do allow you to redeem your points into gift cards and/or cash. Always be responsible when using credit cards.

17. Amazon Affiliate

amazon affiliate img

Amazon will pay you in cash or Amazon gift card for every person who buys a product through your referral link. If you have a website or a larger audience then you can start monetizing them as an Amazon Affiliate. Just find a product you like that is supported in their affiliate program, advertise it and earn from every purchase.

18. Search Social Media

social media img

There are countless giveaways being held and advertised on various social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. You just need to know what to search in order to find them, then just enter and wait. Here are some examples of what to search for on Twitter / Instagram: #giveaway | #contest | #competition | #sweepstakes | #prize | #freebie | #freebiefriday

19. Amazon MTurk

amazon mturk img

In a nutshell, Amazon Mechanical Turk is a service that crowdsources workers for companies/individuals to use in completing tasks that (at this time) only humans can do effectively. Tasks can range from things like, identifying pictures, research, transcribing audio, categorizing and more. Currently you can request your payment in cash or Amazon Gift Card.

20. Ask for Gift Cards Instead of Regular Gifts

gift giving img

This is the simplest way to get free amazon gift cards, just ask your friends and relatives to get you gift cards instead of a normal gift for special occasions / holidays. Most people have a difficult time picking out a gift for someone else, so this will simplify the process for them as well.

21. Our Giveaways

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We hold random giveaways every now and again where we give out a variety of gift cards! We will choose how to announce the giveaways or any other special events on our Giveaway page, our newsletter and/or our social media. Those who’re subscribed to our newsletter will always be informed on all giveaways/events, so to no miss out on anything we recommend subscribing! Of course it goes without saying that we hate spam and consider protecting your privacy to be our top priority, so your email / personal information will never be given out to anyone.

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