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18 Ways to Get Free Xbox Gift Cards in 2022

how to get free xbox gift cards online

Whether you’re a casual gamer or a pro, we could all use some more free Xbox gift cards in our life couldn’t we? Well it’s not only possible, but I’m going to lay out some of the most popular ways to get those sweet codes for free. Of course this list will not cover all the methods that exist, but it should serve as a great starting point for anyone serious about getting some free gift cards or cash.

Know that when I mention survey, reward or GPT sites I’m referring to the same thing. GPT or “Get Paid To” sites are just a website that pays its users for completing a task such as a survey, watching videos and more. Check out our Top Reward/GPT Websites if you want more detailed breakdowns on these websites and more.

1. Swagbucks


Swagbucks has to be the most popular GPT website out there and from the moment they first opened up they’ve been going full steam ahead. They have an impressive selection of rewards to pick from and offers / tasks to complete and earn points known as SwagBucks (SB). 

2. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is such an underrated website and it’s definitely worth checking out if you find that SwagBucks isn’t cutting it. Of course they have all the features you’d expect a paid survey site to have but they do have some interesting features. One of these features is a “Scratch n Win” game that you can play in order to win some extra cash. They also have a sign up bonus too.

3. PrizeRebel


PrizeRebel is another very good choice and you really can’t go wrong with them. They have a solid selection of offers and earning opportunities as well as a low withdraw minimum. They may not have a million features or flashy gimmicks but what they do have, works well and is effective.

4. InstaGC

InstaGC hands out free Xbox gift card codes lightning quick, in fact they pride themselves on the speed at which they deliver the codes. They even have it in their name. The minimum points needed to withdraw is set to 100 ($1) which is the lowest of all the GPT websites on this list.

Shopping Sites & Apps

“You have to spend money to make money” and that statement holds very true here. If you aren’t already using every tool available to save money on your shopping trips then you’re just throwing money away. Please read our Best Cash Back Shopping Websites & Apps post for more detailed breakdowns.

5. Honey


Honey is that browser extension that everyone was talking about and hopefully everyone is using by now. It just finds the best coupon codes and applies them at checkout with one click of a button. Not only that, buy you can earn honey gold on come purchases to redeem for some great rewards. Currently Honey is supported by over 30,000 online merchants. It’s free Xbox gift cards that’s only one click away, the app itself is very light and there’s no noticeable impact on your browser’s speed or performance.

6. Dosh


Dosh is an app for your mobile device that does the hard work for you. It links to your credit or debit card and sends you some money (cash back) to your account when it finds qualifying purchases. Set it up, shop and save all in the background without any pictures of receipts or store loyalty cards to swipe and keep track of.

7. Rakuten (Ebates)


rakuhten (Formerly Ebates) is a very popular cash-back website that pays you whenever you buy from any supported online shop. They also handle the checkout side by applying any available coupon / promo codes before you finalize your orders. They even have an extension for your browser that will alert you if a product can be found on another site for a lower price.

8. Mr. Rebates


Mr. Rebates is just a great all around cash back website with every feature that you’ll need to start your savings journey. Of course there’s a sign up bonus and a good referral system so you can benefit from your shopping-obsessed friends.

9. BeFrugal


BeFrugal is pretty neat compared to other cash back websites because they will match and surpass any other cash back rate from competitors. Other than that it’s the usual staple-features of cash back sites and of course another fair sign up bonus for you to work for.

10. TopCashBack


TopCashBack might not win any awards for most unique features, but it is another big name in the cash back world. As you can see they claim to be the USA’s most generous cashback website, which is quite the bold claim. Nevertheless, there’s a sign up bonus and savings to be had.

11. Ibotta


Ibotta is a fantastic app that can save you money on produce and groceries as well as your typical clothing, electronics, makeup, and more. You will have to either take a picture of your receipt, link your loyalty cards to the app or shop through their affiliate links. 

12. WikiBuy


WikiBuy (Capital One Shopping) is another browser extension that finds and alerts you if it finds a desired product on another site for a lower price. This is a very nice app to install if you frequently shop online. It should work nicely with other apps such as Honey and it’s a nice way to ensure you have the best deal.

13. Gift Card Granny


Gift Card Granny is a one of a kind website that lets you buy discounted second-hand gift cards which they bought from someone who wanted the cash value instead. Say goodbye to that $20 Applebee’s gift card that has been collecting dust in your wallet because they’ll buy them at a mark down. You can even earn cash back rewards when you make purchases too.

14. ShopAtHome


ShopAtHome has all the normal features and even a savings button that you can install in your browser to get alerts for new deals. They have a nice sign up bonus and good cash back rewards.

15. Microsoft Rewards

microsoft rewards img

Microsoft Rewards gives you points when you search on Bing, shop, play games, and complete daily/weekly quizzes & offers. Unfortunately their gift card options are quite limited and you cannot withdraw as cash, but there’s an option for a Xbox gift card. If you’re an Xbox user or use Bing already then it may be worthwhile to try this service out.

16. Search Social Media

social media img

This is just as simple as searching your favorite social media platforms for any giveaways or sweepstakes and entering as many as you can. Smaller creators and personalities are more likely to hold giveaways to increase their presence and following. Here are some examples of what to search for on Twitter / Instagram: #giveaway | #contest | #competition | #sweepstakes | #prize | #freebie | #freebiefriday

17. Ask for Gift Cards Instead of Regular Gifts

gift giving img

Not the most elegant way to get a free Xbox gift card, but it is effective. And you’ll probably be helping them out by not making them have to think of a gift to buy for you.

18. Our Giveaways

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We’re always looking for ways to give back and the best way for you to be informed when we do is to join our giveaways! We sometimes do newsletter subscriber only giveaways so to always get informed, join it. We never spam, give out or sell your information, ever. This is the easiest way to get free Xbox gift cards on the list by far.

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