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The Best Time of Year to Shop for Everything

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Whether you’re a frugal, couponing beginner or every big box store’s worst nightmare, knowing when the best time to strike is crucial. If you plan on buying that winter coat in the winter months, your wallet is going to suffer. 

So stop buying at the worst times and paying the worst prices. Use this as a rough guide/cheat sheet and get out there and never pay full price ever again. Your wallet will thank you, and I’ll thank you if you think of something to add to this list and comment it down below.

With all that out of the way, let’s learn when the best time of year to shop is!



Retailers know how big the Super Bowl is, so they typically discount their TVs and other home theater items during this month.

Bedding, linens, and towels.

Home goods retailers and department stores usually hold “white sales” on bath and bedding items during January. I’ve seen some really steep discounts, combine that with some coupons / cash-back apps and you’ve hit the jackpot.

Workout equipment.

You’re still holding onto that New Year’s Resolution to get in shape, right? Well some of us are, and that makes this month perfect for shopping at sporting goods stores.

*Bonus* Cruises. If you can’t find any good deals in January, try again in October


Winter clothing.

During late January and during February is the perfect time to prepare for the next winter. Retailers need to have inventory to match the current season, so when that season ends they need to unload inventory ASAP.

Home goods.

During president’s day and a few days after, retailers usually put their home and apparel stock on sale. Mark the date on your calendar and plan your trip effectively.

Sweets and jewelry.

How do these go together you ask? Valentine’s day may be the day of love, but the days after are the days of discounts and savings.


Outdoor apparel for warm weather.

As the world starts to thaw out, retailers will start to offer deals on items such as running shoes, t shirts, and more. You may even get lucky and find some good deals on outdoor furniture or camping gear.

Tax software.

That dreaded three letter word. Expect to see some nice discounts on any and all tax related items.


Home goods and appliances.

Ahh spring, and with it, more deals to be found. Vacuums, cookware, and everything in between will be going on sale to get us lazy people in the mood for some spring cleaning.

Easter stuff.

If you like candy or Easter clothing, then this is the time to buy it. Keep an eye out once Easter ends as that’s when you can snag some sweet candy sales. Sorry.


Spring apparel.

Summer is around the corner and spring clothing is so last season, so again retailers want to get rid of spring-related inventory fast. Expect clearance racks and online stores to fill with discounted spring clothing.

Furniture and home décor.

Memorial Day sales are real and a really great opportunity to grab a new mattress, washer, dryer and everything else you can think of in this category. 

Kitchen appliances.

Is it time to throw out that old refrigerator, or maybe you’ve wanted to get a blender to start making smoothies? Well May is a great time to buy these and other small appliances. 


Tools, grills and gift cards.

With Father’s day on its way you can find some sweet deals on all kinds of gifts for dad. From power tools to power grills, get your dad an awesome gift without breaking the bank. Oh and restaurants usually discount their gift cards in anticipation of those who are indecisive or procrastinators. Oh, did I mention that we have an article on how to get free gift cards?

Gym membership.

Why would anyone want to workout in a stuffy, smelly building when they can head outside to get their exercise? Well we would! June is usually when gym’s get a little desperate for sign ups so now you can save money and get a workout.

Movie tickets.

With everyone outside during summer months, theaters will usually try and entice people to come catch a film with some nice discounts.


Tech and gadgets.

Assuming Amazon Prime Day is still a thing you can typically find some good discounts in almost every electronic category. Other retailers like Best Buy will also offer great deals during this month.

Furniture and jewelry.

Fourth of July sales are great for furniture and sporting goods items as well. Not only that but because Valentine’s Day was so long ago you can sometimes find some good deals on jewelry.

*Bonus* Patriotic items. If you love the USA and want to show your love loud and proud, you can pick up some patriotic swag for good prices.


Summer apparel and swimsuits.

Goodbye summer and hello discounts on everything summer-themed. Retailers want to clear space for fall inventory and we get to reap the benefits of our patience.

Outdoor gear.

If you need camping supplies then this is the time to get it. 

School supplies.

Find good deals on your pencils, binders and even laptops as the start of the new school year draws near. The deals usually get better as it gets closer to the first school day. 



This is the start of a new model year for dealerships which means they want to clear out last year’s inventory to make room for the new models.

Outdoor furniture and grills.

Labor Day marks the end of summer cook outs for most people. Watch out for deep discounts for all outdoor entertainment items such as grills, patio furniture and more.

Appliances, mattresses and iPhones.

Again, Labor Day comes through with the deals and you can find some really great promotions and deals to take advantage of. Apple also likes to announce its new iPhones during the September Keynote, so they usually drop the prices of their old models a bit.



As Fall inventory arrives be patient and wait until October before buying that denim unless you like paying unreasonable amounts of money for pants.


Bike manufacturers like to release the new models during the fall months, so it’s a great time to watch for sales on the old models.


Halloween is coming and with it, the white wal- sorry I mean trick-or-treaters, and you better have a candy bowl ready to fend off the horde.



Black Friday and Cyber Monday both make for some amazing deals if you’re lucky enough to find an item that is actually in stock. TV’s, home theater equipment, kitchen appliances, computer parts and everything you can think of will probably be discounted to some degree during November.

Home goods and tools.

You guessed it, Black Friday. 


Wedding stuff.

Spring, summer and fall are the most popular seasons for weddings and thus you can find some good deals during the Winter months on that wedding dress.

Toys and games.

Toys, board games and video games make for popular Christmas gifts and you can expect some nice deals.


That’s the list so far, I’ll try and keep it as up-to-date as possible and feel free to leave a comment if you think I’ve missed one.

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